In addition to having Bulk materials, we also offer all the same products bagged for your convenience. We also have bagged Cedar Mulch, Organic Potting Mix, Peat Moss, Topsoil, Manure, Compost, Stone, Pea Gravel, Limestone Fines and more. Bags range in size and weight depending on the product. Please note that it takes approximately 14 – 2 cubic feet bags of mulch to make 1 yard of bulk mulch and approximately 27 – 40LB bags to make 1 yard of bulk topsoil.


We are proud to offer Jonathan Green Grass Seed, as well as many other Jonathan Green products.

Learn more about the Black Beauty Grass Seed, Jonathan Green Fertilizers, and weed control products we carry.
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If you’re looking for a way to save lots of time in the garden, look no further than mulch.

Explore the benefits of using mulch and the different types of mulch we offer.
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Looking for an alternative landscaping material to use around your driveway, pathway, or drainage?

Learn more about the river rock, washed stone, crushed limestone, and limestone fines we carry.
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Looking for material to help grow grass, fill flower beds, nurture growth, fill sandboxes or condition soil?

Learn more about our pulverized topsoil, garden mix (topsoil with compost), compost, and torpedo sand we offer.
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We offer bulk and bagged salt for your de-icing needs in the winter.Residential and Commercial pricing available.

Bags are 50 lbs and there are 49 bags to 1 pallet. We carry sizzle salt (-25 °F), lightning salt (-20 °F), and rock salt ( 5 °F).
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We offer a nice mixture of wood (from fireplace to wood burning furnace) for your wood burning needs.

We offer 1/4 face cord, 1/2 face cord, and full cord. Pickup and delivery available.
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