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14867 Russell Rd, Russell, IL 60075

  • Customers are also welcome to come to our yard and pick up material.
  • Whether using a trailer, pickup truck, or garbage can, we are happy to assist you in loading any way we can.
  • Please note that you are responsible for strapping or tying down any kind of cover or protection to your vehicle or trailer to keep the material from blowing away.
  • As the homeowner or contractor, you are responsible for max load capacity of your vehicle/trailer; T&R is NOT responsible for any overloading or loss of material that may be lost in transportation.
  • It is HIGHLY recommended to bring a tarp and straps to protect yourself from material loss while driving down the road.


  • T&R offers delivery of their mulch products within a 10 mile radius.
  • Our dump truck can haul up to 10 cubic yards of mulch and 5 cubic yards of topsoil.
  • We can deliver to private residents, as well as commercial yards.
  • Large orders available for delivery, please call for further information.
  • For pricing please contact us at (847) 395-7708.
  • We will not drive onto grass. Please have the location appropriately prepared for dumping the material. We are not held responsible for any possible damage done to the dumping location and surrounding area.
  • The customer is responsible for delivery charge whether the material is accepted or not. The customer is responsible for full payment and disposal of material once the material is unloaded from the truck.